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Vagina a how-to guide

Part I in a multipart series

On the discovery channel we see shows on Tigers, Monkeys, Giraffes, the white spotted owl etc.  Yet they have yet to document one of the most mysterious and sometimes most sought after of wild animals, the Vagina…
Here at ThatsPhucked, we go where very few sites are willing to go, the analysis of the Vagina.

First we shall list the various basic Vagina Types:

Here the "lips" protrude out from the Vagina.  These can greatly vary in size.  Some are smaller, some are scary large and flap around trying to fly.  I guess we can call those "Vaginas with wings"

My personal favorite.  The lips actually are inside the vagina forming one succulent piece.  This sort of vagina is best known for the "Camel Toe effect.  Camel Toe is when a woman dresses in tight clothing that highlights the "Camel Toe"

Here the woman will shave the pubic region to remove all pubic hair.  This is smooth for around 2-5 hours.  What are the problems with this?  Going down on a "shaved vagina" is like kissing sand paper.  I recommend avoiding the outer edges and stick with the nice meaty part, get it all wet and you should be good.

Trimmed Vagina
The woman will trim the pubic area down to a short length.  This provides a nice tidy region and brings the Vagina into the 21st century with an updated 70s retro style.

Trimmed Vagina with optional "Landing Strip"
Another personal favorite.  The pubic hair is shaved down and only a small vertical "landing strip" remains above the top of the Vagina.  I have yet to see any small aircraft land even though I always keep my control tower close.

Yum yum.  My all time favorite.  This provides a very soft vaginal region.  Kind of like a soft chocolate with soft center.
Oral can be performed without any chin or lip chafing and allow many hours of deep vaginal exploration.

In next week's article we will delve into the various parts and safe operation of the vagina.

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I was excited to have you as one of my myspace friends, I love your vids and I'm digging your new website.  I recently have a script that I wrote that was just greenlighted, its a lower budget romantic comedy, pg 13, or R rated possibly, if you think you might want to make a cameo appearance or more, let me know and I'll send you the treatment.  I am a fan of yours.

yours Truly
Devrick LaGrone (314) 496-2958


hahah that was hilarious. good stuff. keep it coming


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Glad you liked it!
We will of course keep it coming, part II coming soon Smile


Smile) Where's Part II?


Mr. Phucked
Mr. Phucked

I have been doing more "Vagina research"

I really need to write Part II, watch this space...


this was awesome....1 of my favorite things in the world!!!


Gotta love the p in the va-gee. Check out


i prefer the "hitler"


how about less of your opinion on different types of vaginas and more on teaching all these brainless guys how to actually go down on a girl properly instead?


United States BoneCoaster

they arent called vaginas with wings, they're called meat flaps


you should add pictures with the descriptions ;)


has a part II been added yet?


All your research should have pointed to the fact the vagina is the internal canal of the female reproductive system. The "wings" or "meat flabs" are called the labia. Get a phucking life.


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