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Looking for a small dick and a LARGE dick

Here is a great ad I found on CraigsList for a girl Looking for a small dick and a LARGE dick

Im looking for 2 dicks to come join me for some fun this friday. Im looking for a small dick. Im talking so small that you pee on your nutts when you take a piss. You will be tied up humiliated and teased while i tie off your balls with a rope. Im going to humiliate your dick and make it feel stupid, because im a bitch like that. I want to tease you untill you cant take it anymore. Then im going to let BIG dick fuck me while you watch so he can show you how its done. After he is done fucking you can come in and finish me off.

So basically im looking for 2 guys, one has to have a tiny dick, and the other has to have a big and i mean big dick, 10 inches or better. You must be open to group sex, and be submissive, just do what i fucking tell you and there wont be a problem. You must be disease free, I really dont care what you look like, im fucking your dick not your face.

Here are the requirements: In the email either type "small dick" or "LARGE dick" in the title (so i know what category you fall under) No one liners or horrible grammer. You must include your age, gender, and if you are available this friday night A pic is a must. (how do i know how big or pathetic your dick is?) You must do exactly what I instruct you to. (im the boss, get that right bitch) If you can meet these requirements, we need to talk. If you dont I will delete your email.

I know im a bitch, and im demanding, but guess what? Your horny, and i got the pussy, so it looks like your fucked.

Now about me im 29 I live in fullerton near Harbor and Orangethorpe, I can host. Im white, green eyes, jet black hair, im five eight", 137, 36C's, ive got a slim waist, long legs, and a tight ass pussy and ass.

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Belgium Rabarber-man

Frown i don't have a 10 inch and i don't pee on my balls so no pussy for me xD


"You must include your age, gender, and if you are available this friday night"

I'm a woman with an 11 inch dick. Wanna sex me?


LOL She! i never noticed when i read it!

10 inches or better! Good luck honey! that's like less that 5% of the entire male population!
"Tight ass pussy"? and you want a 10 inch cock, at least?...Hmm...yeah...i'm pretty busy this Friday i have to stay home and clip the dog's toenails and not get V.D.


"I need an old priest and a young priest!"






Lol, and I bet some guys got all hard over this too, then they were like, "Damnit! I don't make the requirements..."





awwww shit im so close im 9.7inches what a gyp lol this girl sounds like a total bitch and if ur the bigcock guy u dont get to finish in her! only tinycock does!!!aaarrrrggghhhh whats the emaail anyway?!


good luck skank. you wont find any 10 inchers......unless you get in porn. sorry to say honey but the average male dick is 5.5-6.5 inches. i myself am average........and i wouldent do it with someone like you anyways. who ever responds to this shit is a dumb motherfucker. HAVE FUN GETTING HIV!!

i wont even have sex with a girl unless i have dated her for at least 2-3 months. i dont get with girls for a in it for the long haul.

i got a question everyone!

who the fuck just goes out and has group sex? seriously? doesent anyone have any morals in this world anymore?

a better question who the fuck is fucked up to awnser this just to be tied up and humiliated? this must be like those fucked up pansy Cuckolds who get off by watching there wife get fucked by someone else......*shivers in disgust*


marry me?


my dick is 3 in. long when soft and 4in.long when hard


I think I qualify under the small dick criteria and I also live around the area =D


i did her. it was soo fun she is so good and i gave her like, 7 of the worlds STDs lol


LMAO @ fucking^ rofl   and im sorry but any women that asks for a 10 inch dick, is NOT tight ....   like throwin a hotdog down a hallway m8   ROFL


HOLY CRAP!!!! I live on orangethorpe and harbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha how funny


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Now how's dis related 2 "Look into my eye..."?


I try'd to get my propper location from Skyhook on my ipod touch. Joel from sky hook replied that skyhook does not do that for IOS 5.1. How do I proceed?


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