That's Phucked

Penis Beads

43 cm (or 16.5 inches) of beads being pulled out of a penis.
Answer me this phuckers.  How did he get them in there?

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It must be doing something for him, he's having spasms afterwards.


That's one hell of a place to keep your Rosary.  I keep mine in my dresser, but to each his own.


What if he came and was clogged up..would his penis explode... literally?


United States CaptainStagnetti

He has a very weird urologist


Ah those student days - relieving stress before the exam by playing with the penis in all possible ways. Boredom is disease.


I Like Guyanese Women
Guatemala I Like Guyanese Women

Only kwazy white ppl. Laughing


Dear Mr phucked,

I think one by one =)


Question: what's so fucked up about this video?
Answer: very short dick, very wild bushes (which make the short dick look even shorter), unsolved mystery of long line of beads inside the short dick.


My name is Tallulah
United States My name is Tallulah

Mere child's play when compared to 2 guys 1 sandbox


up his ass and they went thu XD highley doubtful though


Anwer to the question : With patience.  A lot, and a lot, of patience...


Classified Asshole
United States Classified Asshole

Must have been a similar technique as the guy who made himself 'cum' measuring cups worth of fluid (noshot posted some months back), I'm guessing some kind of lube, a pushing instrument, and using the same organ that guy used as a 'reservoir.' I can't remember if people said bladder, prostate, or something else.  


@Ese Spooky



man in video:
"Bless me father, for I have sinned.  Father, I inserted 16 inches of beads into my penis, what should I do?"

"5 hail Marys, and, uhhh, show me?"

man in video
"Father, why are you touching me like that"....



You are really pretty.


Thank you


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

I kinda expected da beads 2 b a lot bigger 4 some reason...


CAN that thing even get erect any more?


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