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Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas

A crane was being transported on top of a ferry on the Amazon River. The crane fell into the river and the driver died.
The piranhas then proceeded to have a tasty meal Surprised

This is the result: 

Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Man In Brazil Eaten By Piranhas
Thanks to Sgt. Osiris from Brazil for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Oh man...
I dont want to die this way. What a pain.
Poor Phucker!


No open casket for this guy!!


I don't think he died because of pirannhas. Pirannhas are scavangers. I don't get it why fish didn't it him all - only head!? And hand?!


i vote acid. looks like if he caught it to the face it would have eaten the soft internal tissue.


I don't know... seems " lights a cigar " a little fishy.


Sgt. Osiris
Brazil Sgt. Osiris

I from Brazil and read about this case.

As said by MR. Phucked.

The crane flipped over, he tries to escape, cut his habd and drowned. The blood from the hand attractes the fishes to the body!


apparently you guys in US have no idea there is another kind of animal which eats people without spitting out a bone in china, its name is Gongwu Ape(公务猿). wanna see this? you should be lucky enough to escape from the spot


Gary, I really doubt a Gongwu Ape traveled from China to eat the face of a drowned man in Brazil.

As Osiris said, piranha are scavengers.  The man died during the accident.  The blood from his open wounds attracted the piranhas. They ate his remains.


maybe you can reinstall or remove Categories from Cydia..that might help.


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