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Donkey Sex In Colombia

Some regulars have probably seem some donkey phucking videos on here before.
Be sure to check out the Stuffed Animal Phucker

However. It is a reality that people have regular sex with donkeys. It is common knowledge that men have sex with donkeys in Colombia.
In this very entertaining video you find quotes such as:

"It's not a myth. It's a reality. The majority of men in the northern coast of Colombia usually have their first sexual relationship with a donkey."

... and another...

"Men prefer to experiment first with a donkey, rather than a woman."


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That is how HIV got started, from phucking all kinds of animals!
See that guy towards the end?  He got so horny he phucked the donkey without a condom!!!



Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

And dis b an episode dat never made it 2 Nat Geo's Taboo series!


"Just parted the pink donkey lips"  classic!
the donkey just stands there eating grass while it is phucked!


"A woman is better than a donkey because a donkey cannot suck dick". That's so demeaningLaughing


In Bosnia and Albania they do it too. Traditionally.


Fuckin' hell man. We have all seen some brutal shit on here but kids fucking donkeys? That literally tore the fun out of Donkey rides on the beach.


I tell you man, in part of Montenegro heavily populated by Albanians, you can get on the beach everything. (By the way, very beautiful beaches there.) You can ride donkey, but if you pay additionally, you can have some extrass. Also small monkeys that you can take photos with, or if you pay more, they are trained to suck guest's dick.
In the evening you can go for icecream or to ride a rollercoster. Really wonderful summer holiday there.


people are probably giving the donkeys HIV. damn were phucked up.
that dude thats hosting this crazy shit is hot. and looks so out of place. lol poor thing.


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