That's Phucked

Going Where No Man Will Go Again

Maybe some man went there in the past.  But never again.
No man will ever explore this part of the galaxy, ever again.

Except maybe Walrus Guy?

Going Where No Man Will Go Again. Naked fat woman

Face has been masked to protect the "innocent"

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You know nothing Mr.Phucked,Atleast have some knowledge before Posting anything . . .
Well the fat lady above you are seeing is AMBER 4m USA,in her Mid 20's . . .she ate all the CHICKEN from KFC and all the burgers from McD . . .well she is uneducated and unemployed and thats why government has to bear her bills Which is the reason why they had to take loan from China to keep up with her belly inflation. . And now America is reeling under debt because of fat AMBER!
Americans can never be happy , because they  have to deal with FAT AMBER!
Cheers Smile


Ok Mr.History you made me laugh that time lol


OMG. That shit is nasty!
But yeah, if she was the last pussy on earth.  I would ...


I wonder who shaves her. You know she can't reach it herself




United States masterbater

phew, thought it was my mom, glad it is your noshot!


Vucko27 Is A Moron
Vucko27 Is A Moron

nigger bait


If you put you're ear up to it you can hear the ocean, and it reeks


No, even if the last pussy on earth - no way. Better to fuck her in the stomack folds or somewhere. Who know what beasts ambush you inside....

Who shaved her? Nurses I guess. Can you imagine that poor guy shaving her. The worst job on earth.


what you guys have against fat chicks? they are the best to fuck. and yes, i've had sex with skinny and fatties so i can tell. btw y'all have fucking fetish with sick and bloodi crap so respect living people!


Vector? Check his latest releases too. Wack. Sarkodie? His Ghanaian flavour is deceiving y'all. Modo is still the boss. I got love for the remaining Choc boys though.


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