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Shovel To The Head

What always amazes me with these videos.  At least one person is filming this poor bastard who has a shovel impaled into his head.  Yet it appears that not a single person is helping him!
Oh well, it takes phucked up people like that to bring you this video.  BTW, how the phuck did he get a shovel in his head anyway?

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Vucko27 Is A Moron
Vucko27 Is A Moron

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well go fuck yourself then. Smile


Whay in all videos shovels are without handles?


lol everyone is looking, yet nobody helping!
As mr p, that is even move phucked up


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

I'd say it's quite obvious they put dat shovel there... Perhaps he did somethin' 2 piss 'em all off an' they "took the law in their own hands?"


You know nothing Mr.Phucked.
The guy in above video is next American idol . .And as you can see . .Americans can never be happy . .And bangladeshis are happy Smile
cheers Smile


Thanks Mr. P!!
I showed this video to my buddies in the pub, on my iPhone today!
Awesome stuff dude!
Thanks for supporting mobile!


Hes speaking Portuguese, God damn my country can be hell at times.

Hes saying " I want some water!" DAD I WANT SOME WATER"

This Probably took place From the slums of brazil.

Thanks Mr.Phuuuuuuu


Why can't this happen to Carly Rae Jepsen?


To be fair, I wouldn't know how to help that poor bastard either, other than calling an ambulance or something. But in the meantime? You could try to pull it out yourself, but that probably wouldn't do much good. So yeah, I'd stand and watch, too.


@deazle Kid needs to get his priorities straight. With a shovel through the head, you'd think dehydration would be the least of your worries.


Absolutely love this!! Could you tell me where you got the princess doll toppers??


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