That's Phucked

The Horrors Of Outsourcing Doctors

We outsource telephone support and customer service.
Now we are starting to outsource Doctors. 

The guy below, according to Dr. TickleMaPunjab, will be OK after taking 2 Advil...

Brain Suckage

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You know nothing Mr.Phucked,
Atleast have some knowledge before Posting anything . . .
Well the guy in the above pic is Amber's brother
Mr.Chamber. .
as you all know that Amber's family is living in government expenses and thats why America is having rising debts, so to curb the debt created by Fat AMBER,her brother keeps doing random prostitution in American streets as this is their main occupation. . .
this is just a random pic of her brother performing head sex with a Chinese dude for $2 a day !
Sad fact # $2 a day wont solve America's debt problem because fat Amber eats everything from americas food imports !
so Mr.Chamber, you should try hard and kill your sister AMBER!
All the best
cheers Smile


@amber.  Is this true?  You're fat?  I am not convinced...
I guess I am meant to be shocked about your brother being a male anal prostitute, yeah don't care about that.

OK, so Mr. History...

Should America be spending less?  Let's get political!
Europe decided to spend less instead of more to stimulate the economy.  Look where that got them!


In Australia you wouldn't think there was a global recession crisis bringing the world's economies to there knee's, we all just hang out at the beach and buy things. All is sweet in fucking magic land.


25, please don't tell me you actually consider anything that fucking retard says has any validity...


I can't believe how sorely uninformed you are regarding this aspect of cellular biology!


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