That's Phucked

Another Train Wreck

There seems to be no shortage to phucked up train death pics/vidoes
Here is another train death.  Which part is which?  Who knows, but dead for sure!

Another Train Wreck

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I can't even tell if it's human. Maybe one that was severely bloated? But there are no clothes or anything... I don't think it's human and that makes me sad.


i hope thats matt


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

I almost wanna say dat's a chick, but...


That looks like his/her back, cause the very bottom looks like the torso with no guts. Then the two long limbs to the left and right could be the arms. Poor Phuck


The long out stretched limb is a leg and if u look closely u can see a severed neck


to me it looks like a good lamb leg chop. looks almost tasty.

and who mentioned clothes - are you aware that most of suciders do it naked. simply they want to go the the other realm clean. no clothes, no mess, no fuss, no stains. that is some psychology bullshit.


that is one phucked up mess.
What is more phucked up? The people in the background!

Sitting down chatting, maybe something like this.

"You see that episode of breaking bad last night?"

"yeah, it was awesome when that guy shot the other in the head and his head exploded"

"Yeah, for sure.  Hey, what is that down there on the tracks?"


@ 25 to life
a slight correction to the story. Instead of

"Yeah, for sure. Hey, what is that down there on the tracks?" I would put

"Yeah, for sure. Hey, what the fuck is that smell?"



"Hey, you hear that?   Sounds like a bunch of flies.  Something dead?"


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