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4-Year-Old Shoots Babysitter

4-year-old boy shot his babysitter with a shotgun

In Jackson, Ohio a 4-year-old boy shot his babysitter with a shotgun!

Apparently just because the 18 year old baby sitter Nathan Beavers accidently stepped on the four year olds foot.

Witnesses told police the 4-year-old retrieved the shotgun from a bedroom closet and shot Beavers. Police said the child was angry because Beavers accidentally stepped on his foot.
Beavers was hospitalized with minor pellet wounds to his arm and side.  The child has not been charged.

$50 says this 4 year old will be on death row in 10 years for a school shooting...

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My guess is the parent's won't be able to go out for another 10-12 years.  Noone'll babysit the kid.


this kid if fucking hard core dude! finally good to see a kid whose got a pair these days. he should've shot a few people when they told him he couldn't play "tag" any more because it was too violent.


I live 20 minutes away from jackson.....crazy ass shit...and from what i heard....the older kid died.hrrmmm...nobody ever knows the true stories.....


wow lmao how can they not charge the parents leavin a gun liein around 4 A 4 YEAR OLD wow & we fear they will bump there head


what a bunch of fucktards to not only leave a shotgun loaded, and unlocked around a 4 year old....BUT WHO THE FUCK TAUGHT THE 4 YEAR OLD HOW TO USE IT???? that shit doesnt come naturally. im with dude above me, 10 years, school shooting.



Shoot that kids foot


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