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Abortion - Legally Sending Babies To Jesus Since 1973

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penis is raw
United States penis is raw

God will welcome them with open arms....


The doubtful guest
Turkmenistan The doubtful guest

That baby is far too big to have been aborted. Lame ass pro life propaganda. A woman's body is her own and she has the right to decide what happens to it.
Fuck it's not like we need to populate the planet or anything!


Actually, this is bullshit what previous guy posted. Woman's body is not her own, but God's, so only God can decide what happens with it.

But, there is other problem. Apart from psychological effect - like, babies are cute so anything related to them is "oh so horrible", things are not so grouse at all.

Much worse and much touching is to see my father snoring like that talkative ass. Seriously.



Vucko god gave us free will therefore anyone can do whatever the fuck they want


God gave us also illusion that we have free will, so we think we are acting in God's name. And actually we just bullshit around. ;)


Considering that god is as much an invented figure as Gandalf.. saying a woman's body belongs to god is about as relevant as saying it belongs to Sleepy the dwarf.. or Sauron..

Only when we can get rid of this myth of god will we progress as a race..


I have tv/internet/homephone through Verizon and my cell with At&t.


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