That's Phucked

Acid Burn To The Foot

Remember, don't step in Acid.  It Phucken hurts!

This picture was the very first picture uploaded to my new site
It was uploaded by Maniac, check out Maniac's profile page

Acid burn to the foot

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An ex GF works in 'clinical beauty' That is, using lasers and acid on peoples faces to get rid of the top layers of skin and make it regrow again hopefully younger looking. Some of the photos in the newsletter circulated in the industry are similarly as horrifying as this, but mostly face and neck, not feet. The new site could be a good place for me to upload some of these shots eh? ; )


Thats the reason I always use acid-proof shoes.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Now all we need is a vid of a guy bein' dissolved alive in acid!


How are you getting your feet near acid? Science class?


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