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Anatomically Correct Dolls

How about some Anatomically Correct Dolls?
Ordered from Amazon!

These dolls apparently feature:

  • 4 Doll Set (man, woman, boy, girl).
  • Choose from 3 skin colors (white, brown, black). White available on Amazon - other skin colors through
  • Sexually detailed (Males- penis, testicles. Females - vagina, clitoris, breasts). All have anus, mouth with tongue. Adults have pubic hair.
  • Washable, soft fabric. Comes with canvas carrying bag, clothes and underwear, 5 doll size condoms.
  • Adult dolls 22", child dolls 17" Hand made in USA, women-run micro business.
Anatomically Correct Dolls

That is some phucked up freaky looking dolls!

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Cute, but.. 400 BUCKS?? Jesus fuck, you may as well rent a hooker for a few hours if you wish to teach your kids about anatomy.


The dolls are meant for counseling and in court for children who are victims of sexual abuse. Not to teach anatomy


I'd have to agree with Ash on this one but for something like this to show up on this site it kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?


after I read this, I searched around on amazon.  They have some funny ass shit.  Blow up dolls for woman now?  Internet enabled sex toys, pleasure your partner from anywhere, awesome!


oh yeah these dolls are FREAKY!!


Looks like the son already has a feel for his dads balls !!


ha ha ha ha! the stupidest thing i have ever seen. idea of internet sex dolls is interesting. i am going to search a bit more on that one.



As mentioned before, those dolls are used by professionals aiding children. During therapy, a child may not find the proper words to recall events, or may find talking uncomfortable or stressful. They might find it easier to express themselves using the dolls. A child therapist might keep them in a bag by the regular toys for the child to use or bring them out and introduce them to the child. They have an array of ages, both sexes and a variety of skin tones. The adults have a full set of developed genitals and sexual organs and yarn pubic hair. The children are sewn accordingly as well. I've seen them in therapy and in my fathers office, who is a psychotherapist. Please quit bashing something you think is a silly toy because it isn't.


@ zoanthropic....
you are idiot. really. this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen. even now, when drunk and my treshold is lower, it still is the stupidest thing i have ever seen. what the fuck (sorry phuck) psychotherp...shit. this is stupid. doll has dick. period. doll has pussy. period. like child finds it easier to touch pussy with artificial hair than real hari. if i were that child i would prefer real hairs. not some japanese idiot fibers.


there must a video of someone phucking this somewhere?
Like the guy phucking the stuff horse...


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