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Are you pro choice?

Are you pro choice or pro life?
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Pro choice

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PRO-LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw an abortion once. Horrific.


phucked in the head
United States phucked in the head

But can't u add those to a nice stir fry after?


I saw a 14 year-old give birth to her grandfather's child- Horrific. Pro Choice all the way.


I have a Ph'D in Biology. I have seen the abortion of my own child at 18. I have seen people with very messed up conditions due to incest, random mutation, and just bad luck in a gene pool. I'm Pro-Life because Life happens. Shit is fucked up and you have no control over any of it. you have the illusion of control. random chance can fuck you up hard at any moment. Now sure between conception and 30 days they are a bunch of cells and not really alive before 7  weeks gestation. at 7 weeks gestation the fetus will have enough brain function to be declared alive seriously. it doesn't even have lungs but the first neurons begin to fire and that is all that matters. Life sucks but life happens. everyone says rape and incest and blah blah. instead of paying for abortions we should fund education at 9 years old and up to promote awareness in sexual abuse and pass out plan b pills like they are going out of style cause not all incest/rape victims get pregnant but 99% of them do leave the house . if we stopped giving abortions and telling people well your kind of stuck with that mistake it would help decline the transmissions of STI's and STD's cause its either use a condom or run your ass down to your local pharmacy. didnt mean to rant but seriously the government should atleast designate it as an elective surgery. stop funding it. and let the plastic surgeon choose to charge a 20,000 dollar fee for the removal of the unwanted lump of cells forming in her uterus. theres your boost for the economy. its either spend alot getting rid of it or spend alot keeping it either way. and my advise to any young males out there do not watch or be supportive of a abortion thats her choice let her go in alone Its been almost 16 years since i witnessed my childs abortion and i still have fucked up nightmares.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

One debate I refuse 2 b drawn into...  I can say dat damn much!


Canada ThatsScrewedUp

"Gauntlets The Fighter" I agree with you on this one.


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