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Asiana To Sue TV Station Over Fake Pilot Names

Remember the video of Asiana Flight 214 Fake Name Video?
Turns out that Asiana didn't think it was funny.  They have decided to sue Oakland TV station KTVU for Broadcasting the four fake names after a National Transportation Safety Board intern mistakenly confirmed them as being correct.
Asiana statement:

"This legal action is being taken because of the KTVU report that not only disparaged Asians in general through the use of racially charged epithets, but also severely damaged the reputation of Asiana Airlines,"

Here are the names again:

Captain Sum Ting Wong
Wi Tu Lo
Ho Lee Fuk
Bang Ding Ow

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lol, really? too funny!


Wat Dee Fuk?


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

They shouldn't sue da TV station, cuz da TV station really wasn't at fault!  If anything, they should go after da National Transportation Safety Board 4 da intern dat went an' confirmed those were da names used!  All da station did was what they're paid 2 do.  They just went through da motions!


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