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As requested by some of our readers. Ask Mr. Phucked has been created in our Forum.

This was the result of a question first posed in the Mr. Phucked Sex Stories forum.
Does this site get me laid?

The purpose of this site is to have fun and to see how popular I can make it.
Recently I have considered how I can use this site to do things I might not normally be able to do.

Some ideas include:

- Press pass to the porn convention
- Invitation to the Playboy mansion parties
- Access to the set of a porn movie
- Porn awards

etc. etc.

These passes would of course be shared with other members, currently Annik and Nikita and hopefully others later.
Also perhaps some readers could be awarded invitations to Playboy mansion parties in a free ThatsPhucked competition.
I already know several people have gone and am working on that one

Currently getting "laid" is not a problem. I have at least 5 different girls I call anytime for some action.
Of course the more the merrier and I'm always accepting applications Whistle

Ask Mr. Phucked anything you like!

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Damn Man...Maybe a porn blog was the way to go. I just started a humor blog and its not getting me laid anymore than normal. haha.

I get some laughs though. I have a few posts that make people cry cuz they're so damn funny. I have one called Finchy The Firefighting Pedophile.

you should check it out-


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