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Asteriod Impact VERY likely in 2039

If you know you would be dead in 30 years, would you blow all your money now and not bother saving for retirement?
There is now a 1 in 450 chance you could be killed by a 200 billion ton asteroid in 2039!

The Potsdamer Neuerster Nachrichten in Germany reported Tuesday that Nico Marquardt used orbital observations from the Astrophysics Institute of Potsdam to correct NASA's original estimate of a 1 in 45,000 chance of a collision up to 1 in 450.

He considered that the asteroid might collide with any one or more of 40,000 satellites during its next closest approach to Earth, which will occur on April 13, 2029.

The satellites orbit the planet at up to 35,880 kilometers altitude, moving at 1.9 miles (3.07 kilometres) per second. The asteroid Apophis will pass by Earth at 32,500 kilometres distance.

If Apophis hits one or more satellite(s) in 2029, that could alter its solar orbit enough to make it impact Earth on its next pass in 2036.

NASA had apparently overlooked the chance that Apophis might hit a satellite or two in 2029. It reportedly told the European Space Agency that Marquardt's revised estimate is correct.

Asteroid Apophis is a mass of solid iron and indium 320 meters in diameter and weighing 200 billion tons. If it impacts Earth, the event will be catastrophic. A similar asteroid impact in the Gulf of Mexico millions of years ago is thought to have killed off the dinosaurs.
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United States niggaplease

Time to party like its 2039!


Albert the village idiot
United States Albert the village idiot

woah, it is time to party

i wish that thing was just a big ball of weed, when it hit earth everyone got high and noone cared wat happened ;)


things like this scares the shit out of me, thats y i hope nasa is building some shit that can deflect it or vaporize it or something


haha thats a load of crap, next you'll be telling me that the planet x theory is right haha NASA are always wrong


gives ya some think to think about, huh? scarey shit. i have kids that  will be in there 40s, and if this is correct the world WILL be annihilated


It's not all that bad, the world is getting filled up with soo many people and getting less room for everyone, adding that big asteroid would make the Earth a bit bigger and more room for people plus the dead people be gone so more room to make babies


Hmmm, I'll be 48 in '39!xD


rofl niggaz
United States rofl niggaz

ill be uh 35.... Frown what a load of bull though.


Amateur calculations

    * Nico Marquardt, a 13-year-old from Germany, was reported to have produced a collision estimate of 1 in 450 (100 times NASA's calculation) in April 2008, by factoring in the possibility of Apophis running into one or more of the geosynchronous satellites orbiting Earth during its flyby on April 13, 2029. This estimate was allegedly then confirmed by ESA and NASA[22][23] but in an official statement,[6] NASA denied having contact with Marquardt. The release went on to explain that the angle of Apophis' approach to the Earth's equator means the asteroid will not travel through the belt of existing equatorial geosynchronous satellites and the extremely small size of satellites relative to the size of their orbits means that there is currently no risk of collision; and the effect on Apophis' trajectory of any such impact would be insignificant.[24]

    * On April 16, 2008, NASA News Release 08-103 reaffirmed that its estimation of a 1 in 45,000 chance of impact in 2036 remains valid.[6]
- Really, with an estimated 380 meter diameter, a single satellite really wouldnt pose much risk to it. It would take a very unlucky hit to somehow alter its path towards earth more.


Thanks for sharring importent information in this blog. It was very nice.


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