That's Phucked

Aw, man

Ever take a shit so bad, you actually shower afterwards?

I've learned tonight that cheeseburgers are not the answer.

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Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Now I think you may have destroyed some of our readers fantasies about you after that one!


Mission accomplished!


I'm confused. Was it just the inconsistency or was there an issue with the density causing a little splash back? Depending on the quality (fat quantity) of the cheeseburger it could be either. High fat could cause some clean up issues. But if your putting away ground sirloin you could have given birth to a neutron star causing a water recoil, which if scaled could kill a quarter million Indonesians.


I'll put it to you this way: this week at work, I managed to clog two industrial-sized shitters in two consecutive days. Seriously. I use one stall the night before, come back the next night and there's a sign on the stall door that says "do not use, toilet clogged." So I used the one next to it and ended up clogging that one. Then I went home, had to have another BM, and wrote that entry.



lol @ Annik...

Yours is a kind of twisted I'm going to enjoy reading about...lmao


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Perhaps we need a picture of the poo?
We have already had the poomaster submit his demon of death...

Also, Did you:
A) poo, flush, wipe, flush
B) poo, wipe, flush, run

Few toilets can withstand massive poos and the paper that goes with it!
Reminds of a vacation story, hummmm.....


demon of death

That did not come out of a virgin asshole.


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