That's Phucked

Baby With Head Blown Off

Sometimes, I am lost for words. This is one of those occasions.
I have no idea what the guy on this video is saying. If anyone knows, please let us know in the commments...

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25 to life
United States 25 to life

fuck man.  that is brutal.
At least will save on diapers....


It takes a special kind of person to do that to a baby. I think it was done with a blunt object rather that a gun. A pistol wouldn't do that much damage and a shotgun/rifle wouldn't leave that much behind. I blame the mother, kid was probably crying and she thought she would just kill it and claim Postpartum depression. BTW anyone know what the dude was saying? The tone of his voice reminds me of ransom videos.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

U sure u won't get shut down 4 dis, Mr P?  It's one thing 2 show adults like dis, but kids... yeah.  I mean I remember when we had da whole animal abuse thing goin' on an' a shit ton o' ppl were against it (I wasn't).  I mean... this is just... TOO phucked.


I don't know why, but I have a feeling that it will turn out to be Syria and a casualty of the war, so one side trying to accuse the other for attrocities. The language is clearly Arabic. To mee, it looks like a shrapnel kill.


Yup, that is truly sick
I prefer the sex vids rather than dead babies


no matter what the biatch said it's totally phucked up period!


can i eat it now ?


Back wen womens rights were just dreams of lesbians for hating sex with guys but MLK said it best money and freedom of inturpritation but to see black people were they are today using drugs to make women conform to bilingual sex is just appitite for remenance of freedom they want money and if the babies mommy was a lesbian blacks would still hold there thoughts on wich religion is right but older thebetter they say so grab ur tongs and sing a song that there god will come in the shape of a famous actir/ rapper so they can finaly b themselves


This was taken in Syria fairly recently. The man talking in the video is a rebel who's one of the thousands of rebels fighting the Syrian government.
The guy claims that the Syrian army shot the baby. It may or may not be true, all we know is that the rebels have done tremendous amount of atrocities to Alawies or to people supporting the Assad government in Syria, including killing people and claiming that the government is to blame.

The soldiers that advanced towards exploding the head of this child, to them should be death. If they admit it or not. We shall, Allah willing, kill them. Everyone who takes part in these crimes (aka: non-Sunnis, supporters of the government, etc by default) shall have their ears cut off and themselves decapitated, even if they surrender and plead once captured.


Reb & VoDKa
Canada Reb & VoDKa

Shit son...


Flip it over and phuck it. Already dead.Poor thing but id still phuck the corpse.I love little girls.Little pussies taste so fresh and so soft.Don't knock it till u try it.Fat girls need lovins and so do little ones.They can cum just like teens and adults.


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