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Dog Thrown From Bridge

Should I start a rant about how I've been attacked 3 times by dogs, one that even looked as cute as that one. Got to close to its bone (15 feet) and that little fucker came up and bit my hand, he didn't let go so I kicked him in the nuts.

Another time was when I was in the Army, I was over at a "friends" house and a pit bull mutt was running at her 3 year old girl. I said "Fuck no dog", speared that bitch before she could get to the 3 year old. That fucking that would probably eat her own puppies got a hold of my arm in her mouth, fucked my arm up. So now I got 3 women and 5 children screaming, the douche bag that owns the dog seen what was happening, ran off and I'm on the ground fighting this dog. Some how I get on top of the dog and get my hands around its throat, blood running down my arm basically into the dogs mouth and had to wait 10 minutes for the cops to show up. All they did was use their rope on a poll and then with out warning they shot the dog point blank so all the kids could see, ASSHOLE. Needless to say at the end of the night, best blow job of my life to go with my 32 stitches.

But this dog in the video was just a helpless scared friend, with most likely no reason to do that. Shit my dog of 14 years, I had him when he was a pup, died 2 weeks ago. He died happy, in his sleep

Runner Up
Dog Thrown From Bridge

I just realized something about myself with this video... Yes, I too am one of those people that is more disturbed about an innocent dog being hurt over the act of an innocent person being hurt. Oh the humanity!

I'm not so sure the dog is innocent... I think that guy was saying he caught the dog fucking his mom on the kitchen floor right before supper.

Other Notable Mentions

Black Guy Half Corpse
shut the fuck up you pussies
I guess someone else is using the other half.
They are just sharing a slut

Dead Colombian Drug Whore
Death, tits and pussy... everything is about in one picture.

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Damn, can't remember Scotti making that comment. I must not be paying attention any more.


One of my epic short stories won again. WOOT!

  noshot I'm a little hurt, I always stop to read your comments.


dude from US
dude from US

I'll give Scottie props on that one


Also should add that the cop wanted to put a tourniquet on my arm, somehow the dog hit a vein in my arm and when the tourniquet was applied that little nick became a water gun of blood. I told the dumb son of a bitch that I didn't need one, the ambulance was 5 minutes away, I could hear it coming but NOOOOooo he had to put his 30 minute class on first aid to use.


Born To Thrill - Action Figure Therapy


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Yeah!  Mr. Phucked.  Dat YouTube vid should b ur next article.  I just had 2 smile at it.


AFT is funny, some absolute gold can be found in those clips.


Its my Birthday...Woohooo...Just figured i would mention it ...


Your chalenge for tomorrow Mr Phucked, is to find the security video of the 60ish year old British woman being beheaded in a supermarket on the spanish island of Tenerife. The guy supposedly then takes her head for a walk outside all the while saying 'god gave me this treasure' or some such, so it should be a good watch.

Oh, and Happy Birthday sarah : )


@noshot thank you  Smile


Hi there thank for give us valuable information in your blog i hope you can provide more information like this in future. Thanks friends.


Works perfectly! Thanks so much for the detailed and easy instructions !!!!!!!


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