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Starting this week.  I will post the best comments of the week as decided by Mr. Phucked (If you want a democratic voting system watch American Idol)
In true ThatsPhucked style the award will be an ugly ass pussy.  Some girl e-mailed me this picture a few months asking me to come and get it.  Needless to say, I didn't... best comment award

Deer Hit By Car
Last year a deer ran into my car... yes ran into my car. Right into the drivers door. I was just driving down the freeway, going 65, coming up over a hill and the asshole was running across the road. BAM that bitch ass deer nearly got its head into my car but the retard jumped a little and his belly hit my car pissing down all over my car. So now I'm covered in glass and deer piss, I slam on my brakes pulling over to the shoulder. I seen the bitch ass deer flopping in the road like a homo covered in baby oil in a prison shower, one of the red necks that stopped looking for a free meal said I ran its leg over. I got out of my car, brushed the glass off like some badass in a action movie, grabbed my knife, and ran up the hill after the deer. That butt fucker of a deer was still able to jump over the razer wire with one broken leg before I could stab it in the face for fucking up my car door on a cold rainy day, never mind I smell like deer piss and these rednecks thought they where going to take my deer.

Runner Up
Deer Hit By Car
It's a little odd that we see people dying on this site a couple of times a week, and no one has any sympathy. Yet when we see a deer in death throes, everyone is automatically sympathetic and saying how the person recording the death should have put it out of its misery. I'll tell you from personal experience that approaching a deer in its death throes is tantamount to suicide. They kick and buck around so that anyone getting near them is instantly kicked in the head. When a deer gets hit, the best thing to do is stand there and let it die. Then if you want, take it home, skin it, gut it and clean it for deer sausage. After all, if you kill it, you should eat it . . .

Then there was a deer that ran out in front of my brothers car with its head down. The car was a 81 Caprice, big bad ass steel car. Got that deer on the neck with the corner of the bumper, killing the deer instantly, causing the deer to spray shit all down the side of the car but other then that the car was fine.

Other Notable Mentions

Abortion Pictures

I read the title of the previous video "Dog thrown off building" (something like that) and I don't even dare watch the video because I know I would be so bothered by it. Then I see a tub of dead babies and am not bothered in the all whatsoever...

Dog Thrown From Building

I would cut this faggots dick off and let the fucking dog eat it!!!

ATV Accident

I'm super depressed.. I was hoping something HORRIBLE would happen at the Royal Wedding!! Fuck >=C

Comments (10) -

United States HandsoapBubble

all the gems i drop around here and i can't get any love? not for my 'james' work?Lol my jimmy work?Lmao  well, then PHUCK you, MR.Phucked... and the horse you rode in on too!!!

noshot should have gotten some love too... BASTARDS!



Mental illness for the win. This and many other sites made me if not mad someone with no regard whatsoever for human life; I don't care if your whole family died in a huge ass explosion and you are only 14 years old, I would laugh at you and tell you "Hard cheese, that's live you piece of shit" xD

Still, I don't think I'm phucked up and never will : )


totz agree with Rose-Mel.
I was like. aww poor babies


soap bubble is such a nerd. its obvious he has to rag on people so he can feel better about himself. from the looks of you james and jimmy would beat you senseless you little troll.


I was so many times going to suggest Mr Phucked introduce a comments score system of voting up your favourite and down your least maybe like youtube. This could be better is some ways, we shall see.


United States HandsoapBubble

@crystal  whatever you say, sweetheart.  all the TWAT james did was threaten me with the internet police.Lol  i live in Lancaster, Southern California if the TWAT ever wanted to take shit personal and take it to the streets.  i'll make sure to put the shit on camera and post it on 'That's Phucked' for all of you (win or lose- but i'll win).  shit, it might bring some life to this site, yet...  PHUCK a whole lot of'ya!


Sweet I won, Thank you.  Thou you did cut off part of my comment and left it in the runners up comment.


United States msboricua143

Stick a gun up that pussy and put it out of its misery...PLEASE!!!


=D Honorable mentions!!  FUCK yeah!!!


Fuck yeah i got mentioned!!!


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