That's Phucked

Bound And Burned Alive

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Your day was not that bad.
This person had a BAD day!

Bound And Burned Alive

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Whenever your having a bad day take a look at this picture in the hopes that it might get a little bit brighter... Get it, "brighter" you know 'cause of the fire.

lol bad jokes are funny!


He looks like toast. And with all toast I'm not gonna eat it until you scrape off the burnt part.


Crunchy skin is always the best part..


I agree with Brian C.-AT&T service is horrible in the Cincinnati area. I have a new i-phone and it does the same thing as Brian's phone when I make calls. Verizon was so much better. AS soon as my contract is up, I'm going back to them. When you call customer service about a bill or technical problem, they don't care at all. Nothing is ever done. The towers are always overloaded because they can't handle the iphone traffic and voice calls. That is what causes all of the crackling and interference in the line. Definitely avoid them at all costs.


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