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Breast feeding a cat

I guess she run out of cat formula, so decided to breast feed the cat...?

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Germany Semmelrogge

got milk?


wrong wrong wrong wrong..... WRONG!


Ouuch! that must really hurts...


United States abelnightroad

well its from japan and they do have the most fucked up people there so yea i wouldn't be surpried if i heard spankings and sex noises everyday if i lived there


well at least the cat's happy!


wow that is crazy,but it's not the first and it won't be the last. this one lady from africa breastfeed piglets at her village lol


United States WhattheFuCK!!"?

my nipples hurt now


Man, that is seriously disturbing.....


United States NapsterOfPorn

haha got milk?


United States SHADOWout4u

what crazy chineese show was this crazy nips hour lol


humans drink cow milk, so why cant cat drink human milk? XD
the only thing phucked up about that is that its on redtube... Is that supposed to be porn? eww...


lol redtube has opened tis variety.


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