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Can We Catch This Pedophile?

Folks we have our first confirmed Pervert/Pedophile reading That's Phucked.

BUT, this guy is going WAY beyond what we write about here on That's Phucked!
We will never encourage, write or show pictures of anything like what he is requesting.
He is a pervert; there is no doubt about that.

He left the following comment to our article on Vagina Odor and Dating:

"hello please send me orginal shape of vagina,no fucking 12 years girls vagina's pictures.can u send me at my mail address.i am waiting of reply"

This article is not perverted, it's purely a humorous article!
Since we capture the IP Address of everyone who comments on our articles, we can determine from where he posted his comment.
His I.P. Address is:  For those less technical among you.  An I.P. address uniquely identifies every computer connected to the internet.

View his complete IP information 

The above link shows from where he posted his comment.  Therefore we can determine that he works for the following company:

CyberSoft Technologies Plc
123-A Babar Block
New Garden Town, Lahore

Since he wanted me to send him pictures.  He also provided his e-mail address that is only available to administrators of That's Phucked.
His e-mail address is:

Please feel free to send him a message and tell him exactly what you think of this pervert and let us know what he says!
For the lawyers among you out there, are there any laws that may allow this guy to be caught?
You can either post a comment to this posting or if you wish to remain confidential you may e-mail us at:

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Comments (16) -

that is messed up, there is being fun and having a good time with this stuff, but this guy is sick!


If you get him, post an entry about it!!


thats a link to that guys company in pakastan and US partner/parent company. Im sure they would love to know the people they work with.


I decided to e-mail both of their offices listed here:

This is what I sent:

To whom this may concern,

An employee of CyberSoft Technologies has recently requested via one of your computers information that many would consider Pedophilia from a popular US based blog.
You can see the original humor based posting here:

His comment to the posting is also shown and reads:

"hello please send me orginal shape of vagina,no fucking 12 years girls vagina's pictures.can u send me at my mail address.i am waiting of reply"

His e-mail address is:
His IP Address is:
Registered to this address:

CyberSoft Technologies Plc
123-A Babar Block
New Garden Town, Lahore

We have also posted a blog entry describing his actions and who he is here:

Please reply with whatever action you think should be taken in this matter.


Site Administrator


i wrote him...waiting for reply..will let you know what he says...


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Awesome, let us know what he says!!


doody heads
United Kingdom doody heads

congratulations, by giving out his email address you have probably put him in contact with lots of others like him, he now probably has all the pics he wants.


gr8 balls of fire
United Kingdom gr8 balls of fire

i hate 2 admit it but doody heads is right that asshole may have all the pics he ever needs now but that doesn't mean we cant get that son of a bitch


Fuck! Shit! Damn, I bet the email address is not working anymore? FUCK! Iam so good at threatning people...and I DAMN hate PAKIs


damn i hate sthis pedo guys _:/


haha BUSTED ^^ !
that's just fun! playing nasty and stuff, then busted! OWNED!


i have written to him
this is what it said you fucking pervert! remember what you wrote on thats phucked? it said "hello please send me original shape of vagina, no fucking vagina. like 12 years girls vagina's pictures. can u send me at my mail address.i am waiting of reply" when you did that the site captured your ip address ad email letting us send you emails saying what a fucking pathetic excuse for a piece of shit for brains!!!!!

GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will wirte on this when i get a response from him.


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