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Chia Pet

Brian submitted this to Mr. Phucked.  He calls this the "Chia Pet"

Would you water this pet?

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It's called polycystic ovary syndrome and affects 10% or more of women. It can lead to heart problems, diabeties, and more. Among various symptons (high blood pressure, infertility, oily skin, etc.) women who have PCOS also tend to have more, darker, hair in certain areas, mostly "sideburns" and more hair in the vaginal area.

It's not a "chia pet", and it certainly isn't "phucked up". While this woman may have been exposing herself indecently, she was also brave enough to admit she had PCOS, which is sometimes hard to admit.

Please, this isn't funny, especially to someone like me who suffers from PCOS. Please take it down.


I don't care what it's called l0v, that's friggin nasty.


hairy mary
even if it is a problem she can still shave/wax


Wow, are you sure that's what it is l0v?  Kinda just looks like a lady who just refuses to shave, like she's been growing this bush since she started growing hair.


Holy shit! That's not nice. Fuck, sideburns Tong


I have PCOS and mine looks nothing like that. There is no excuse for that.. If you can't afford a wax, you can buy a razor for cheap at wal-mart. ugh.. Why do I have a sudden image of Snuffleupagus in my head


Tristalyn: There are different degrees of PCOS. Do your research.

Antrogod: Nasty? It affects half of women in the world. Your wife, sister, aunt or even your daughter probably has some form of PCOS.

Nathan: Am I sure? I am 100% sure.


i call shenanigans on this.




Where is Han Solo!!?......Chewy is that you??......RAAAARGH!


United States WhattheFuCK!!"?

thats pretty damn nasty, i wouldnt tap that....not at all


Don't be stupid
United Kingdom Don't be stupid

l0v, first you said 10% or more, then you said half the women in the world. Which is it, they are quite different numbers.
And I'm 100% sure that less then half the women in the world have this problem. None of the girls I've slept with, none of the girls i've watched in porn, none of the girls I've heard about have this problem. I understand that it will affect people in different ways, but surely I would have encountered this before in some form.

The fact of the matter is, if this girl does suffer from this condition, she has no excuse for leaving it to get that bad. It is not nice.
I suspect it is 'shopped.


thats the one phucked up pussy...


I find it kinda cute =]
I want to stroke it


Interesting ... as always - is your blog making any cash advance ? ;)


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