That's Phucked

Chicken Man

After doing this site for many years.  If I look at a picture and think "holy crap, WTF is that?"
It must be something phucked.

What the hell are they doing here? What is going through their heads?

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Chicken Man

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its a pig


Its a Pig...


Yep. Pig.

Oddly, I was disappointed when i noticed it wasn't human... thanks, internet.


penis is raw
United States penis is raw

lol.  Good one Mr. Phucked
You had us all fooled!


this website is stupid ... u cant even watch a video on cell phone.....who has time to sit at a desktop anymore?


This reminds me of my childhood. In the village they slaughter pigs - fat ones. The whole families happy. We get liver, lungs, kidnes, etc. fried for snack. Women wash intestins for sausages. Fat is being melted and golden pieces (don't know the word in English) remain which are salted to make very nice appetizer for winter. And of course, all men drink like hell during this "operation".

But they didn't do it in this way. Usually there is a hook - so the pig hangs upside down. Even the blood is collected for black pudding.

And it should be something like in this part of the year. These idiots are like attending anatomy class. Nobody is even happy....


It's pig I hope it didnt suffer Those forighn fucks tear them apart alive


its a fucking horse.


In the Apple official website I read "Buy iPhone at the Apple Retail Store and we'll activate it and set it up just the way you want."<br />Does it mean it will be unlocked and without contract so I can use it in Ukraine?


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