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Child Abuse

After giving more thought to Miley Cyrus Topless Pictures last week.
This video highlights all the Phucked Up things that adults do to Children.  Whether it be giving them guns to kill people or dressing up 7 years olds in dresses and make-up for beauty pageants.
Sometimes, children just need to be children...

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Someone's Kitten
United States Someone's Kitten

God, Fucking Yesh! Tired of everyone thinking it right for children to grow up too soon. Doesn't matter if it starts out as fun, someone always gets hurt because IT'S UNNATURAL You fuckers! Le Sighs... If we wanted out little 12 or younger to get raped by a fucking perv or worse a fuck head giving a gun to a little boy -hell doesn't matter the situation --if we wished that responsibility on such one who has yet to know their place in this world (or for that matter have the chance) than we rather just fuck out future society to ruins...

Blegh! I have non point... being an insomniac enraged something or other..


Oh for crying out loud all the blocks from the computer please!


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