That's Phucked

Chinese Baby Flushed Down Toilet

Want to know what happens after a baby comes out of either this vagina or this vagina?
Flushed down the toilet maybe?

But seriously, here is the back story.

Zhejiang province, China

A newborn Chinese baby was rescued from a toilet pipe after he was flushed away by his parents.

Chinese firefighters found the tiny boy lodged in a sewage pipe below a squat toilet in an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. His placenta was still attached!!
Firefighters pulled him out of a 3 inch sewer pipe after neighbors reported a baby crying.

Police are treating the case as an attempted homicide and are looking for the mother and anyone else involved in the incident.

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Well that's a shitty way to be born.


Those chinese can be phucked up!
Here some phucker engraved his name onto some 3500 year old egyptian monument?  asshole!


I agree. Chinese are scum. Even Chinese women are not that nice as Philippinos or Japanese. Fuck them. So fucking boring. In business too. They call you milion times to buy something. Indians too. Although they have a bit more beautiful women. I would fuck indian women, although we have gypsies in Serbia and nobody wants to fuck them. They smell like shit.

I fucked one. They say here - if you fuck a gipsy you will get 7 years of luck. I don't complain, but i think of fucking her again.


@ 25 ...
which asian nation you fucked?


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

It very well could seem like an accident, but based on how some Chinese are or have been portrayed... well...


List of Asian countries I have "fully explored"
Vietnamese - (favorite) they generally have tight vaginas and nice breasts
Philippine - Very horny!
Korean - Too conservative in bed
Thai - Love sex and very eager to please Smile
Japan - Only one, but she just lay there, pretty boring.  Need a bigger sample

NOT done, Indian.  Don't really have a desire.  Hate the accent and they are hairy!


oh yeah, forgot!
Whole point, Chinese.
Only one Chinese too.  She was a good booty call.  Always there for sex, so big slut!!


and people say babies are fragile, this mofo will b deep sea diver before 5yo. have to put this matter to a test


@25 to life
I admire you! Really I do. I tried only one Philippino and only 80% (only oral). I have a mission now. I agree for Indian - too hairy. And I have no desire to try Korean - somehow they have big head comparing to the whole body. But Vietnamese and Thai - you made me even more interested in those. Japan - I don't know, probably. Smile


Usually the Chinese flush the daughter.


it on cnn... they said it was an accident.


And now aperantly they gave the kid back to his patentsbc mom said it
Was an accident


25 to life
United States 25 to life

who the fuck do you flush a baby down the toilet by accident?
Phucked up!

@vucko27  Keep us posted on your asian exploration!


Yes they all transfer across, it works out the song, it must do it from the audio, then it transfers across. 90 of my music is frm CD's that I own, not from iTunes, and they all came across.


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