That's Phucked

Claws In The Penis

Kinky Domina would like to stick her claws IN your penis?

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that is some trule phucked up shit. that really turn him on?


makes you wonder what their childhood was like to grow up and be into this kinda thing,,,,,anyone have her number cause i wanna go next.


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Well after watchin' "Kids in the Sandbox," I think I'm desensitized 2 things either goin' in or comin' out of penises...


United States phuckedinthehead

ah yes  the old  classic


Dear Mr. Phucked,
while you bullshit hear with claws in the penis, YouTube became your big competitor. Please take a look at this video and decide yourself. Please stop fading away with stupid videos like these claws or hairy pussies. Put some real deal like this guy holding scraps of his cousin or whatever (don't know how to name it) and get back to being a man, not pussy.



Also this guy still sitting on the motorbike, while burning. Really interesting. Not those claws or hairy pussies, or tortured dicks.


Or this one

No, claws are more interesting....... ?!


Also this video. I think you could open a separate category named Syria and place all these nice videos and photos.


Or this one Mr. Phucked..

Sorry, I simply couldn't resist about this one.... :_)


Or this movie. The whole movie is awesome. Old, but good.


yeah, except all but one are now banned on youtube idiot!
The other one will be banned soon too I bet!

The videos on here will remain forever and not banned because of too much gore!


maybe in your country. in mine never. at least there are some advantages living in shitty countries like serbia.


25 to life
United States 25 to life

lol youtube does not ban them in your country? Damn, much better where you are!!

Guess we still need this site in the US then


if you want, i can download them for you. Smile i can develop business out of it perhaps.


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