That's Phucked

Cook Me Ma Dinner Biatch

What do hicks do when their woman don't cook their dinner?
Stab them with a knife!

Cook Me Ma Dinner

Here is some hicks for ya:


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Strait out of the hills of Kentucky. prolly not wearing any shoes and the one on the left is obviously gay. Notice what it sys on his shirt?


It's a birthday party, so:

Man slicing the pie: who wants a titty?

Screaming children: me! me! me! I do! I do!!


Gauntlets is a nigger
United States Gauntlets is a nigger

Tell that lazy bitch to make me a sandwich!! Just laying there!! Geez.


I'm from WV. Trust they are not hillbillies. & that looks like a trach(sp?)


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

I lived in North Carolina 4 nearly two years...  Ain't nothin' much out there but dis... almost.


Well at least he had enough decency to not stab her in the back like a woman would do.  Conniving cunts...


Conniving cunts
Hungary Conniving cunts

*stabs self in back*


People from West Virginia are inbred fucks,I had to go to Franklin WVA once near the VA/WVA border and all I could see were inbred hillbillies


there once was a man from Nantucket
who's dick was so long he could suck it
he said, with a grin Smile
as he wiped off his chin
"if my ear was a cunt I would fuck it"


sorry you feel that way but I assure you we're not. I've never been to Franklin, but Boone County has a bad rep for that. There's a documentary called Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, you can YouTube it. Stupid fucks make our entire state look worthless. & Wrong Turn was filmed in God damned Canada, not Greenbriar county.


"Conniving cunts"? sounds like a gr8 name 4 a band.  The Conniving Cunts.  I like it.  How do U do it, Smitts? how do U do it?...


Little Alex
United Kingdom Little Alex

Just a taste from thee ol' britva.  A proper babooshka should know how to keep her rot on shut and like comport herself righty right for her mate.  The gloopy ones learn the hard way, dear bruvas.  Nochy nochy, lads.


The Shirtless Hillbilly on the right
United States The Shirtless Hillbilly on the right

Looks like Eugene here and Is gon' shoot us some coons. Then later, wes gon' pile in da back o' mah pick-up truck and go skinny dippin down at the crick!


United States satanisthesavior

That looks like it was done on purpose. If you are choking, putting a hole in your trachea right before it goes into your rib cage allows you to still breath and doesn't do a whole lot of damage. Would rather have a cut in my throat than die.

Also, that would explain the oxygen mask thing too. This woman was probably choking so someone cut her throat so she would live until the medics arrived.

Besides, even if someone was trying to stab her with the intent of killing her, that is just about the worst place to stab. Seriously, who aims for the throat with a stab?


Hey, I'm also from West Virginia.


大家好我来自中国Hello I am from China
Welcome to mail, we can discuss everything




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