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Cyst Removal

We've featured some pretty nasty Cyst Removal articles before.  Here is another one being removed, ugh!

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This is sooo Phucked up i nearly puked watching it


that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. What was the thing hanging out that he had to cut


that's the skin of the cyst (the bag that was filled with all the crap he squeezed out before). as far as i know you have to remove it completely, else it's gonna fill up again (or the remains start to rot) and you can have all the fun once more. ^^


United States ambergerftriley

this one is way better. a lot of oozing.


It almost seemed the same as when someone bust's a Zit,or has it Glanced by a doctor.Didn't seem like the guy was in to much pain.Although I don't have any damn sound anyway!


This had to be in Miami. Its the only place I can think of where a doctor/ professional would curse during a procedure lol


This article is very useful. I have been looking for. thank you.Very good!!


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