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Dating on Craigs List

I know I have made fun of people from Craigslist before.  There are good catches out there (Shout out to Annik)

But many are sad, pathetic losers.  Who cannot even get laid in a whore house because they're too cheap to even pay for a real dating site.
Take Perseus for example.  This guy is looking for a cute and petit Asian girl who is into "cosplay, role-playing, anime and manga"

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Perseus dating on craigslist

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i think i have to agree with you there Mr. Phucked


United States abelnightroad

anime /manga  and all that crap has gotten to his mind and its good to like it
but not to much and it will control you like drugs  *raises hand* with that said he'll never get laid unless this is some juno shit going on so untill that happens im agreeing with you Mr. Phucked.


What is that facial expression? WE should have a competition!!
I'll go first!!

"I just put my bare foot in a bucket full of cold horse cum!"
"Did i follow through with that last fart?......yes!"
"Mom! you promised! more live bukkake shows"
"I hope that's not really a mirror"


wtf is cosplay?


"Cosplay" is short for "costume play"

It's basically where people get together and dress up in costumes of their favorite characters (in his case probably anime) and act scenes etc. etc.
In other words, a loser party!

Notice how he is leaning to the left in the picture?  He is probably working his right hand out too much...


Lol Mr. Phucked


Am i the only one who cannot see the picture?


Canada Guildenstern

Woah. Thats a hideous fuckin chode. and a giganerd lookin for a rape charge. and... really really creepy when you look at it...




Is this guy fucking serious, he would eat more than her weight in one meal, at least be realistic and do not put a weight limit in their you stupid fuck...god I hate people like him!


jst lookin for sme girls to tlk to


beggers cant be choosers


XD my gf's into all those listed above...i don't like it..she cosplay too much and she picks games over me.. XD


am i the only one who recognizes this kid. he is an extra in like 100 movies and tv shows. i watch plenty of tv and movies and i see him at least a couple times a month in new and old stuff. spiderman, disney shows and movies, nikelodeon...... all kinds of stuff


Since when did Apple market the iPad as a netbook replacement? Care to post a citation?


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