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Decomposing Time-lapse Corpse

Watch this time-lapse video of a corpse decomposing.

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dead man rotting
dead man rotting



Didn't look like that in the original time machine movie.


United States HandsomeDevil

this video has to have been taken from the "body farm" archives.  it's a place where they dump bodies (of people who have donated their bodies) and let them rot and decompose for the sake of decomposition research.  it helps CSI, and of course, other related physical sciences; but mostly, it helps in discovering how long a person has been dead for after being discovered.  the one thing researches have noted after visiting the 'body farm' is:  "that you never forget the smell."


Argentina TheGuyWithABigCock

I agree, you never forget the smell.




Bit too fast. Was hoping for something like the video linked to my name, where you can see the maggots and the liquifaction in better detail. A naked woman wouldn't hurt either.


Fuck man, the way his abdomen expanded was crazy!! Something to do with the gases in his digestive system?? O:


im suprised ellio didnt say anything racist on this.

It looks like the same body on national geographic
So HandsomeDevil, nice find !


HEY MR. FUCKED just thought i'd say i think its weird how u posted this video because the day before u posted it, i was on youtube and i watched this video. i was actually guna send it in to u, but then i realized it was already posted. weird shit


The syllogism consisting of #1-3 is invalid. And statements #1 and #2 are not necessarily true. Other than that, your argument is spot on!


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