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Did I cheat?

I don't really know why I did it. A lot of stuff that I do I can't really explain...

I remember a time during my last relationship, that I broke up with the guy. I broke up with him, knowing that I would take him back the next day. We broke up and I left in a cab from his house with my friend beside me, my male friend from out of town. Before he grew up and left town, I had had the hugest crush on him. Perhaps we would have had a relationship if he hadn't left, or if we both hadn't been so damn young. Seeing him in town again brought back every single school girl fantasy I had in high school. I remembered everything about the day we spent in art class together, and by the auditorium where we made out.

I yearned for something a little more X rated. In the cab he kept up casual conversation with the driver while his hand kneaded my thigh softly, slipping up and down, higher and higher. I laid my head on his shoulder, and returned the favor. In the dark of the backseat, under the sleepy midnight stars, it started to look like something out of a wet dream. We walked swiftly from the taxi to my room and he laid in my bed. I undressed, still rather shaken by his sudden interest in me. I kept my back to him and slid my shirt up over my head, swiftly unclasping my bra and dropping it to the floor. I replaced it with a camisole and dropped my pants to the floor, kicking them to the side. I was down to lacy tanga underwear that went decently with the camisole, though I only subconsciously thought of matching. Such a girl thing. Crawling into my bed beside him, and laid my head down. His arm was beneath my shoulders and he curled me closer to him. He was gripping my thigh tightly, completely distracting me from the TV. He kneaded it softly bringing small gasps from my mouth. Sliding my hand over his bare stomach I paused to try and remember when he lost his shirt. Shrugging the thought away when his hand slipped against my underwear and pulled them down my legs smoothly. Fast and faster now, kisses and tugging at my shirt. The camisole came off while his shorts did and when he kneels above me I had a moment to remember his tattoos. I had completely forgotten about the twin red hearts above his tan hipbones until now. They framed his pelvic area so perfectly. Just how I dreamed.

The sex was a little rough, and not really what I expected. It was better. I'll admit, both parts could have pushed the limits a little further. For a shaky first encounter with a former crush, it was awesome. Breakfast in the morning and a chaste hug goodbye. I called my boyfriend around 7 and we got back together.
He said he was happy I changed my mind, because he really liked me.
I curled up in my unmade sheets and talked to him on the phone as if nothing had ever happened.

Tell me if I cheated in the That's Phucked Forum

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Did you feel bad while you were on the phone?


Finland NikitaNarcissus



yeah, cheated...

but as long as you got a good cum out of it...

oh well...


nope, u were single by then


Finland NikitaNarcissus

Thanks for the support Naria.


Of course you cheated, you already know you did. The more telling thing is that you seem more interested in trying to excuse it for the benefit of your own psyche, then showing any concern for the other person in your relationship.


Does it matter? Do you intend on making a long term relationship with your boyfriend?

I'm not a supporter of cheating and if I was in his shoes and found out I'd be pissed. The fact remains that I was not him and judging by your apparent taste in men, no offense, he most likely would have done the same thing. This however still doesn't really matter.

What matters is how you perceived it to be. Your action in getting back into the relationship show that it did not matter so don't try to trouble yourself with it. There's really no point to questioning the right or wrong to it. The fact is that he makes you happy and you dwelling on the fact takes away from that. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that you being happy also makes him happy.

So the best advice i could suggest would be to not regret what happened, just relax and enjoy your life.


Finland NikitaNarcissus

Wow Alex G. That's way cool of you. We broke up btw.


Australia jaydenjayden.

chicks are all the same. you clearly cheated! you saying the "oh we was broken up" doesnt change anything, all you want to hear is "no sweety, you guys was broken up, dw about it." an only another dumb bitch would say some spastic shit like that!


I would backhand your ass so fast if i was him.  you dont deserve him if you did that to him.  you might care about him or love him, but if you could do that to him then and want other people to tell you your not the whore you are then your a little shitty person.  id be shattered if my fiance did that if we were on break, thats why breaks are dumb and hazardous to emotions.


United States "DxM"islove

you are a fucking whore lol


you guys except the ones whoo said she didnt cheat are assholes
she didnt cheat


New Zealand vinkredible

you cheated.simply cos of the fact u knew u were gonna all-of-a-sudden run back to his arms the next day.u knew that, and still fucked some other chump.

whats worse is, it sounds like ure tryna play the whole 'but we were broken up' or 'on a break' card.

pathetic. if i were ur bf i'd simply leave ur ass and not say a word to u,not call u, not ever speak to u.

u disgust me.


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