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Don't Loose Your Head

Looks like a bike accident to me.  In fact, looks like most of his clothes are missing too...

Don't loose your head
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Don't Lose your head, not don't loose.


i dont wanna be the guy who clean up the mess... but wait it lokks like asia! Nobody cleans in asia... lucky guys!


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Motor cycle accident...  Maybe there were guys wit bikes an' they tied ropes around his legs an' neck an' accelerate in opposite directions.  Da head comes off an' he comes out lookin' like dis.


poor mr fucked :<



heh, he has bush


It's almost like some one stripped him to uh...have sex with his corpse.


enola gray
Trinidad and Tobago enola gray

it seems that the guy with the the cam there has some phun, too Laughing


i would fuck his open cervical


tsssk... some people just can't keep their clothes on.
And bleeding all over the place... the youth nowadays.

it makes me mad... =P


Thats probably Ellio right thur.


Hope his head didn't get lost in a random near garden or another baby will be found smoking and drinking 3 beers a day.


aww he was raped.... idk if from bike accident or person who hit em


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