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Don't Text And Drive

If you ever wanted a reason to NOT text whilst you drive?  This is proof of what can happen.
This poor bastard was probably just checking his booty call texts when WHAM, car meets truck, truck wins.

Car Accident with death

Car Accident with body in half

Car Accident with death just upper torso

See The Entire Set of Don't Text And Drive in our ever increasing pictures section.

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Now this is why I come to this site! Pure phuckage!!! I always knew those sMart cars would get it in the ass in any accident. Phuck the Earth, environmental saving phucks, GOGO gas hogs.


Gee wiz...I hope the truck driver's alright.


Church of Fudge
United Kingdom Church of Fudge

did the guy in the car survive? lol


Somebody actually sent me this as pic message one day, it it had a message talking about texting and driving ect, the thing was I received the message WHILE I WAS DRIVING!


OMGGG, I hope the truck Driver is OK, my dad is a Truck Driver.


United Kingdom littlebradpitt

How do we know he was texting?


United Kingdom moltenriches

It was just a flesh wound, the guy was up and running the next day


United States dryklllogicman

they found out he was texting when they pulled the phone out of his ass lmao


Mr. Phucked delivers! This has left me quite distrubed.


I'll say this fuck a "SMART for TWO",the only good thing about that lil' shit car...Is that it'll save you(your family)the expense of a "COFFIN"...Cause once you get fucked up in that lil'Mother Fucker.It serves as your final resting place also.Just buy a double PLOT!!!


United States Freakeygurl

oh no my ex Cry.... oh well serves him right, poor truck driver prob cant drive truck now cause of this fucktard


looks like a smart car that got crushed


Miss Evil R.N.
United States Miss Evil R.N.

Its not that you should not text while driving... Its that those stupid mini smart cars should NOT be street legal. I have seen dozens of videos on crash studies of those cars and they are literally death traps. Its is impossible to get the driver out after an accident, and they literally go airborn if they are not simply plowed like this on.

There is actually a higher mortality rate in one of these smart cars than there is on a motorcycle. wtf!

DON'T BUY A SMART CAR!! I will totally suck at CPR on purpose if you die in my area!


Why the hell is this guy naked? i guess to get better gas mileage. lol!


The first thing EMTs have to do when you're in a trauma accident is undress you.. Yes smart cars suck.. and once I realized that was his spine in the second picture.. I almost vomited.. I totalled my car about a week ago and now I'm freaking the phuck out!!


allen boland
United Kingdom allen boland

he was not texting he was legles


hey, doc. i cant feel his pulse


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