That's Phucked

Driver kills crow!

Dead crow on the front of a car Dead crow on the front of a car, side view Dead crow in a shoe box

It is a sad sad day in southern California when a poor innocent crow dies.
The crow was flying along, minding its own business, when WHAM!  a 350Z slams into its ass, killing it instantly!

Just think, this crow probably had a loving wife and children at home.  Tonight, he will not return.
They will wait, and wait and wait, but no-one will return.  Will they eat tonight? Will they starve?

Most likely, the driver of this car has killed its entire family!

Yes, it's a sad sad day...

* No animals were harmed in any way in the production of this article *

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Dude, that is messed up!


thats fucking hilarious


fuck all birds, shitting on me and my car. i'm glad it's dead. i'm gonna buy an AK-47 and go to Antarctica and kill all the penguins, i'm going to Africa to kill all the ostriches, i'm going to New Zealand to kill all the kiwis. fuck birds, eat 'em, kill 'em, burn 'em, fuck their dead bodies and bathe in their blood. lol?


grandmaster Duke
United Kingdom grandmaster Duke

HAHA Gabe!!





LOL AT GABE AND JOHNNY !!! XD x 8943838989348934!!!!!!!


hahahah loook at the lil fukin wet back


holy shit thats pretty! lol i wanna eat it!!!


Sill bird u cant outrun a car.


can u send me that bird so my family can eat?


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