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Erections and the first kiss

Erections and the first kiss

You've both had a nice dinner, drunk some wine, you're feeling a little "giddy" and the sexual tension is high.
The end of the date is nearing and the inevitable first kiss approaches....

You're both standing at the most romantic spot you can think of (Passenger side car door)
You stare into her eyes.  She has the perfect glazed look meaning you gave her just the right amount of wine. 
Wrapping your arms around her, bringing her close, you attempt the first kiss, softly at first, then more intense.
Now here is the dilemma experienced by all men who do not require Viagra...

You're both making out, exchanging copious amounts of tongue, holding each other close, the erection grows, quickly!

Three things cross your mind at this point...
1.  Should I care and just let her feel my manhood?
2.  Try to move your ass back a little so you don't impale her?
3.  Cum in your pants now so at least you go home happy?

If your answer is 3, then please read this:
Best methods of suicide

Should you choose 1, you risk scaring her away if she is a "nice girl" but the amount of wine you have administered to her should counteract this effect.
Should you choose 2, this will be safe, but you will probably be masturbating at home to the TV phone sex infomercials.

The choice is yours, choose wisely...

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I always choose method 1. No girl has ever complained/said anything about it. It seems like they like it, as I imagine they take it as a compliment.
So my advice, go for method 1 ;).


Very true, Dom, but why the llama sex?


Those who insult others are usually describing themselves.


So many fail because they don't get started; they don't go.


Suppose it's a useful post indeed! Just bookmarked it!


I want the nether portal as well as a sun, moon, rain, snow, etc. I also want villagers and villages and quests


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