That's Phucked

Executions By FSA Rebels in Syria

These are some videos from Syria of the alleged Syrian FSA rebels killing civilians.
The first execution, two guys shoot one guy in the head.
In the second execution they try to figure out how many bullets they can fire into one body (Hint, it's a lot)
In the third video two guys try to shoot the guy at the same time (badly)

As usual some phucked up shit to make you glad you don't live there!

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Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

And they think God'll reward 'em 4 dis?  I'd like 2 ca video of ppl killin' Islamic radicals an' makin' fun of 'em 4 not only bein' those radicals, but 4 da shit they do!


Does Obama still want to send U.S troops to aid those Syrian rebels?


Pathetic nation. In WWII in Stalingrad 2 mil people were killing themselves as daily routine using digging tools. Here several guys kill one guy or mutilate body by shooting tons of bullets and screem for God. Really pathetic nations that should be eradicated from this planet.


ok, so most of these countries don't want America to help.
Most of the terrorists hate America because we're "over there"
Why don't we just leave?  Let them all kill themselves?


Fuck Allah Akbar, that's so phucked


uncle bruce
United States uncle bruce

Who cares ? I hope they all die.


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