That's Phucked

Face Only a Mother Could Love

Truly only a face could love. From the looks of it, the father is not too happy.
Perhaps he is thinking, "Wonder if my slept with that ugly guy down the street"

I always thought the girls in Thailand were pretty sexy too...

Thanks to medicalshit for uploading the pictures.

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<3 Surrealism


man i had a god one for this post,,,,just cant make fun of a kid like that.


i tried to upload a great pic mr.phucked but it gave ma an error,,i will retweet it and tag you in it


Now I know where the creators of binding of isaac rebirth found the inspiration for monstro ^_^


Canada ThatsScrewedUp

I might be fucked up in the head like 99% of the people on this site but even I can't make fun of this kid. That kid is in for a hard life and somehow I don't think it'll be a long one either.....


i agree 100%


I thought this is in Vietnam - consequence of agent orange. Something similar, but not as sad as this one.


25 to life
United States 25 to life

You guys are all kind. But I think this site is not meant to be only about making fun of stuff, just showing phucked up shit. this is sad....


United States medicalshit

Yeah, what 25tolife said is why I uploaded the pictures. I've never seen a deformity even resembling this, so I'm hoping anyone who knows more about it will comment, not make fun of. Smile I'd also like to find out more about the family and if this little girl is getting the care she needs


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