That's Phucked

Faceless Person

Not sure if this is male or female (not that I ever am)
In this case I'll go with "Person"

headless person

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That's my Uncle Jennifer. I don't know if he/she is male or female either.


A recipe for this:
Take a person, remove its scalp, grind his head like for kebabs (with all bons, brain, eyes, ears, etc. for extra flavor). Put the grinded meat back to the neck, arrange tupee back to the head, sprinkle with pinch of salt and pepper and .... wolla!


Sorry, my mistake. Preserve ears, do not grind them. Later on, stick them to the meatball to resemble the real ones. At the end put some piece of meat (whatever cut, but it has to be with skin on) across the face to resemble twisted nose - just to add some twist. That is how they do tradinionally in south.


He looks fine, just a little scratch. Will be ok in a week. Nice hairstyle, girls will definitely go crazy for him! I am going to give him the main role in a romantic movie, it's called: faceless male and his hunt for lips, nose and eyes.  


Serve with fries and a shake


You can see the severed neck it's just the back of a decapitated person what you called the face is actually the neck the heads just turned around


I think there is more that that - you can see brains spilled around. it is not just decapitation.


I have the perfect song for this shit


Such lovely support. "if this does work, google it instead."


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