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Favorite Sex Toys

Spicy Waterproof Rabbit

The following is from one of our readers describing her favorite sex toys.
Feel free to chat with her too, her screen name is "sexymutha85" and you can chat with her in the forum!

I have a HUGE collection of toys.  My favorites are split up in 2 different categories.
My "Me" toys and my "Couple" toys.  My top 5 favorites would have to be:

My "Me" Toys

  1. My We-Vibe..  I just got it a week ago and I love it.
  2. My Spicy Waterproof Rabbit. I have a variety of rabbit vibrators but that's my favorite.
  3. My Venus Butterfly.
  4. I can't remember what this one is called. But its coordinated with my cell phone which vibrates every time my phone rings.
  5. My lipstick vibrator. I am a very sexual person (meaning I'm extremely horny all the time) so there are times when I'm out and about and I feel the need to cum.  So I can slip into a bathroom,  changing room, or my car and my handy dandy vibrator saves the day.

My "Couple" Toys

  1. My We-Vibe..  This doubles as a "Me" and "Couple" toy.
  2. My Bendable Dual Dong.  This is for my female friends.
  3. My Fukuoko Power Pack.  This is an interesting toy.
  4. A variety of bondage toys. I love to be tied up and I love tying people up.
  5. My Love Swing


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Who the fuck cares about this shit?
Post some funny vids or go home....


United States sexymutha85

Obviously you care, Domi, because not only did you read it, you felt the need to comment, dickface.


Domi, maybe you should try using them, then you might know why us pervs love shit like this!


United States sexymutha85

LMAO@ perv!!

Hail to the pervs of!!! LOL


What is a fuokaku toy? And didn't spend an arm and a leg on the sex swing? My favorite toy is the "under the matress" toy that helps tie people up. Takes away the need for bed posts.


My favorite toy is "chloroform."

Stops them from struggling to break free.


United States sexymutha85

A fuokaku toy is kind of like a glove but it only goes on your fingertips and a small patch on your palm.  It vibrates and does a bunch of oter shit.  It's kinda expensive, but worth it!!

I paid 70 for my love swing.

And LOL @ Annik and chloroform...


thats shits hot mutha


is defiantly the most needed
you can save that other shit for after you get them home



well damn thats hot


Have I missed seomthing here? I'm trying to download the IPSW for 4.3.5 for the iPhone 3GS and followed the instructions to "...right-click on the file you want and save it directly."


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