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Female Drivers

Continuing the stereo type that woman cannot drive.  Here are some pretty hilarious compilations of women attempting to "park" and "drive" their car.
There are some true classics here!

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Statistically women are safer drivers than men, but their spatial awareness sucks donkey balls! lol!


United States radicolpotato

lol funny!!!!!!!XD


Apperently us women do mess up more, so says MANswers, but really not a whole lot. I think it's because of the whole make-up, talking on cell phones, eating, putting on nail polish, NOT LOOKING AT THE ROAD, breast feeding our children fiasco we kinda got going on. Oh, and not knowing how to drive in the first place lol.


that was so funny, I really enjoyed the part where she got out of the car and let some guy park it for her just so he could get on his way


My take on all the clips.
1st clip - "R" means reverse, sweetie.
2nd clip - Make use of the steering wheel, it's surprisingly necessary to driving.
3rd clip - On a serious note, that may have been a man or a woman.  But would still suck shit for anyone. Bet it was a nice, freezing bath!
4th clip - that guy was like "I've got places to be You dumb, Geo-driving cunt."
5th clip - They shoulda' had a sign "CAUTION: GATE AHEAD, DUMB PHUCKERS BEWARE"
6th clip - again.....USE THE DAMN WHEEL!
7th clip - Not very good at visualization, I suppose?
8th clip - alot less coulda' been spent on, possibly, turning the car around!?
9th clip - I don't blame Her, what the hell are the purpose of those poles?
10th clip - HAHA! In Your face, You over-precarious bastard!

How would You sum it all up, Mr. Phucked?


United States WhatTheFUCK a chick and i think this is hilarious


Jessi Knows
United States Jessi Knows

Seriously? Haha wow, the one with the poles I understand.


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