That's Phucked

Ferret Attack?

Following on from Careful With The Head here is someone else with head issues.

Maybe attacked by ferrets?  

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It's a wonder how it's the Badgers who have incurred a bad name.  I tell you, those goddamn Ferrets are sneaky one's.  All cute and cuddly until they get their claws around a machete and then it's your ass.  That's why I have pets like an electric Eel, a Rattle Snake and a fucking Brown Recluse.  At least then I know what I'm getting.  Audi 5000, G's.    


I fucking lol'd. Nice one, Mr. Phucked.


I want a ferret now >.>


Ferret attack?  fuck me.  I need to stay out of the woods.  No more masturbating behind a tree with sexy iPhone pics.  Don't want my dick bitten off by a phucken ferret!



Extra! LoL



That is funny as shit!

@ Brandy.  I would love to see a video of you blowing a ferret?  Don't think that exists online? Yet...


Ferrets can be very vicious, this doesn't take me by too much surprise


if he were to be attacked by them.


我操  Fuck


I think it was the bunny from monty python....


No way it did that, looks like a guy with a knife...or a fucking lion lol


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