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Gay Boxer Gets Owned

Boxer gets owned. Funny thing is the guy who got kissed I bet IS gay!

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Germany anfelaxyyyc

I would do the same


Germany ShacomThan

Nice Pic, Silvana XD


He was clearly taunting him; fair enough it was a bit too personal but it doesn't mean he's gay. Fuck, if a dude was that close to my face, I'd think he was going for it too :S


Boxing is alot about psyching your opponent out. Kissing is common as is racism, low blows, biting, spiting, weird noise making, swearing, pretending to be injured, crying, laughing and more. Funny knockout though.


United States bl00dsl1ng3r



Gay? So when i pecked my grandpa as a kid before going to bed, i was actually thinking of letting him sodomize me? Hm, i never knew that.

And ya, it's pretty damned old. I'm used to seeing brand new stuff here on thatsphucked.

But it's always funny. I like the look the kissing victim has just before the punch. He thought before the acted.

Boxing is lame.


New Zealand vinkredibLe

".... lemme just kiss u real quick..."


The Lord of The Flies
United Kingdom The Lord of The Flies

lol fucking told


lmfao@ ppl calling this boxing!!  ppl this is mixed-martial arts(mma)the sport of the future. the guy that punched the asian guy is heath herring and he fights in the ultimate fighting championship (UFC)


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Heath Herring vs whatshisface...  I doubt da guy is gay, it was just to show some intimidation or somethin an' Heath won't havin' it.


hah at least he was politically correct. "hes trying to kiss me like a homosexual" baha


I never get kissed Frown


how is this "phucked"?


Maybe he is French o right the Frenchs are Gay


Germany mr_sideburns

everyone i think this vid was staged! go to the weblink that silvana put down! wtf is going on there!?


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