That's Phucked

Ghetto Abortion

No health insurance for an abortion?  Try the ghetto style abortion.
Just make sure you have a plunger handy...

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Death + baby + poo.

What could be sexier? Oh, if the baby was cut open.


I prefer the wooden knitting needle style to this rough and crude approach. Soak the pointy end of a wooden knitting needle in strong bleach for a few days, insert far into vagina so that the bleach comes out into the amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus, womb terminates foetus which is then reabsorbed into the body. No mess, little fuss, hardly any harm to mummas body and baby never existed. If you want to complicate life with the idea of it having a soul, then think of it being refunded into the queue in heaven or where ever, and getting a free second go at another body latter on.


Must have been a home birth. Friend of mine did home birth and almost did the same thing, by accident of course.

Decision of the evening?  Watch phucked videos or watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?
Phucked videos it is!


That poor baby! As a new mother myself this picture is sooo shocking!


when a coat hanger isnt enough...


lol coat hangers


She didn't want to be late to the prom


hi, you are right the panel once open its difficult to close without using solvent but this permanently bonds it. I used a cable tie instead, used a couple to firmly hold it to place. Looks ackward but does the job.


Is that porn ???????????


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