That's Phucked

Gillian Cooke Female UK Bobsleigh team splits her pants

Guess she should not fart, this is what happens...

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Ok mates, you ready? Ok just like we practiced, got it? 3......2.......wait for it.......1........riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip....dam it!!!!!!


Matt Peskie
United States Matt Peskie

crack kills chica. Lay off the McDonalds fries and maybe your pants wont rip open fatty.


thats a big nice ass


ah the UK (:


seen on failblog ...


pretty funny but not really phucked. funnily enough though i noticed this video on failblog just yesterday Smile


I'ma download that video ASAP. It will disappear from Youube in no time.


Kiki Danger
United States Kiki Danger

lol Them bad boys said riiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppp!


Miss Evil R.N.
United States Miss Evil R.N.

Rule of thumb.... If it can be hosted on Youtube, it probubly is not phucked up in any way, shape or form.....

Unless it involves zits and wounds, but meh, those get boring after awhile....

*cracks whip again*


hehe shes all like "OOH! my bum just got a draft! shut the window!!"
really tho i wonder if she just didnt notice or shes playin it off hopin no one else noticed lol


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