That's Phucked

Give Me Head

Think this was a car accident?  Think again.
Ladies, this is what happens (sometimes) if your man says "Suck my Cock" and you say "I have a headache"

The end of today's lesson...

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Interesting. O.o


So confused. How did her head go through the windshield, do a 180, and fall back into the car with a section of the windshield still around her head?

Or was this a pedestrian that was hit and flew through the windshield?


however the car was hit sent the windshield backward through her neck and the force of the hit itself broke the seat sending it backward too.

You can tell because the way the seats are laying. not just the back ones. the one she was in.

I doubt the neck thing was what killed her. the lack of blood all around would lead me to assume that her bloodflow stopped as/right before it went through her neck.


Did any of you would-be Crime Scene Investigators ever stop to consider that JUST MAYBE the car was a Decepticon that decided to eat this poor slag? It's called Occam's Razor, people- USE IT, FFS!


^Ur humor is nvr lost on me, old man.  Perhaps we make a splash @ kaotic? "Once more unto the breach, dear friends..."


And you would entice me through Shakespear, dear brother? You scalliwag, for you know my weakness.LOL  Nevertheless, I must decline.  To the Devil with that site...teehee ;0


The DEVIL does move in mysterious ways, does he not?LOL  Besides, Kaotic is run amok multiple personalities galore!  Staying PHUCKED is a gift at this point.  PHUCK all, save for the chosen, eh, Smitts...?LMWAO


Think she swallows?


Whole new meaning to the word "HeadRest" !!


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