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Guys, Are You a Pull Outer or a Pull Downer?

In the guys bathroom you see two types of guy who stand at the urinal.

The Pull Outer
This is the guy who unzips their fly and pulls their penis through the convenient hole in their boxers through their unzipped pants.
This method is quick, easy and effective.
Only possible disadvantage could be the catching of the penis in the zipper causing untold pain and distress.  As yet no one has ever managed to accidently slice their penis off my zipping up too fast.

The Pull Downer
This guy unbuckles their belt and or pants and pulls their penis over their shorts whilst holding their pants up.
I find this method a little mystifying as it appears to be a great deal of additional work and effort, especially since you need to hold up your pants at the same time.
The only possible reason I can think of.  Is the guy’s penis is not long enough to fit through their boxer hole and pants.

Which guy are you?  and why?

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Whenever I pull out my dick to go pee I always grab it and then stand on my tippy toes for just a second so that the motion appears like I'm pulling out this gigantic missile.


im a pull downer but not 'cos my penis is too short as you suggested but because i have the fear that my penis my get stuck in the zipper


im a pull downer too, because allthough my boxers do have the hole those poxy buttons are so small that it takes an age to undo them! Hee hee


im a girl and i tink both r sexi


Farting Turkey
Germany Farting Turkey

I usually pull down when I got the time.
It's more satisfyingly


I'm a pull downer, I find this method easier than unzipping then pulling it out and uncomfortable touching the zipper, more relaxing pulling pants down and pee and go ahhhhhh, relaxing


im a pull outer because 69x69^panda+burrito=MC vagina


im a pull downer,
only for the reason that i cant maneuver my penis out of my jeans because they are too tight haha ;)
and when you pull out you get the zip pressing on your penis and its quite uncomfortable.


Pull downer quite the oppisite actully its easier to pull down the underwear while you pull your pants down a bit then having to unzip the go through the hole then pull it out through your underwear thhrough the zipper without scraping yourself and then peeing and cutting yourself on the way in.


Thanks for sharring importent information in this blog. It was very nice.


I'm a puller downer.. but its because its hot where i live so i always where basket ball shorts and those don't have a zipper hole, but when i do wear jeans i still pull down because its just a habit. I've pulled out of the zipper once or twice but that's aggravating so i just never got in the habit..


the slider wont work for me, do yu know how tof ix it?


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