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Half The Man He Was

This guy is half the man he was.

Half The Man He Was

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Which way did he go? "He went that way"


Gauntlets The Fighter
United States Gauntlets The Fighter

Ya know?  I tried 2 visit dis site right when I got back home an' Firefox said it was an attack site.  What kinda ads u run here 2 get dat, Mr P?

Also, I'll bet dis guy was did like how they executed ppl back then.  But instead of horses an' rope, they probably used trucks an' chains.  Somethin...


@Gauntlets The Fighter

I was thinking the same thing. It has been cautioning me and asking me if I wanted to proceed every time before entering the site. Is it the new video ads your running?


@ Mr. Phucked

Is it the new video ads you're running? I think it's causing less traffic to the site. I keep getting things like warning messages before coming here. What's the deal?


Google Chrome.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

Hi all,

I just checked this out. You guys are correct. Google is reporting one of the URLs my advertisers use as a possible source of malware.
In the case of the ads I use, this was not the case. I have double checked with Google and they're reviewing the site.
Hopefully this warning will be removed soon.

oh yeah, it was not caused by the video ads. I must admit, I like 'em!

Thanks for the heads up guys!


Some of Rabbi Averick's advice: "As increasing numbers of fiery arrows - launched by critics of Darwinian orthodoxy  find their mark and the Darwinian edifice burns around you, it might be advisable to put down the fiddle ..."


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